Dedicated Social worker and a committed Social Entrepreneur

Indira Rana Magar is a dedicated social worker and a committed social entrepreneur, who has been working for the welfare of prisoners and their children since 1993.She has devoted 27 valuable years of her life, rehabilitating the prisoners and providing education to their children. 50 years old selfless social worker is a founder of Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal, which advocates for the prisoners and their families. PA Nepal is a non-profit organization that works for the prisoners and their independent children in Nepal.She has many national awards like LilaramKuntideviNeupane Social Service Award 2014, NayeeKharaGaurab Award 2013, Excellent Social Worker Award 2013, Honored by Universal Peace Federation as Ambassador for Peace 2013, Navatalash Struggling Women Award 2012, Social Development Award 2012, Navadevi Shakti Award, National “SajhaAbhibhabak” and many more awards at the national level.
In 2014, Indira rana Magar was nominated for the World’s Children Prize (WCP) as a top three finalist along with Malala Yousafzai and John Wood.She won theWorld’s children prize honorary award in 2014 for her remarkable contribution toward the welfare of the children whose parents are serving their time in prison. On 22nd October 2014, Indira received the Honorary Award by the Queen Silvia of Sweden for protecting the fundamental rights of the children.
Indira Rana Magar has been featured in theBBC top 100 influential women 2017 list as one of the most inspirational and influential women from around the world. She has rescued as many as 1600 children growing up in the prison. BBC 100 features the 47 year old for her noble work in rescuing children whose parents are serving time in prison. In her introductory BBC video clip, she shared the story about the hard times of her childhood. She shared the story about the discrimination between a male child and a female child. Indira shares her difficult upbringing due to being a girl child. She worked with the renowned writer and human right activist Parijat. After the death of the writer, she continued her work and established a non-profit organization in 2000 and is still doing her work. Indira Rana Magar is the only Nepali social worker to be included on the prestigious list for protecting prisoner’s right.
Besides these recognized awards, she hasmany honorary international awards in her name. She has awards like;Ashoka Fellow 2005, Asia 21 Young Leader Public Service Award 2009. In the year 2005 and 2006, Boss magazine voted her as “50 most influential women of Nepal. She is also the Finalist of Justice makers, a project of International Bridges to Justice in 2010. In the same year, she was again voted by the Boss magazine as the “Best Social Entrepreneur”.

BBC Top 100 Influential women in the world 2017

BBC 100 Women is an annual, multi-format series, which observes the role of women in the 21st century. It began in 2013 to address the under-representation of women in the media. The annual series provides a platform for the women to examine the sexism they face on a daily basis. The BBC list includes women from all over the world with the different field of expertise. It has organized its events in London and Mexico.

After releasing the list of women, The “BBC women season” starts and it lasts for three weeks. There is a debate, online reports on the topic of women. Women from all over the world can participate through the social media and can comment on the list. BBC organizes a survey program in different languages and gain response from women all over the world. The selected top 100 influential women attend a conference, where they have to discuss in detail about the challenges they face in their daily basis. There are different topics such as education, healthcare, domestic violence, genital mutilation and sexual abuse.

World’s Children’s Prize Honorary Award 2014

World’s Children’s Prize Foundation (WCPF) is a nonprofit organization mobilized by the Swedish Postcode Lottery and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.The WCP program is run by WCP foundation and was established in 2000. WCP conducts its program annually and starts its program by selecting three Child Rights Hero as candidates for the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. They broadcast the stories of the selected candidates and the stories of the children they fight for, in global magazines and online platforms. The Prize program is open to all schools and humanitarian organizations from all over the world.
Global Vote system decides the winner. Children from all over the world can vote their favorite heroes and help them win the recognized award. The nominee with the highest amount of vote wins the World’s children Prize for the rights of child and the remaining two nominees receive the World’s Children’s Prize Honorary Award. During the time of the program, Millions of children get the chance to know about the rights of the child and democracy, with the support of thousands of teachers.

Finalist, Justice Makers, a project of International Bridges to Justice, 2010
International Bridge to Justice is a non-governmental organization founded in Geneva, Switzerland in the year 2000. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization’s mission is to safeguard the fundamental justice of people in developing and underdeveloped countries by ensuring the right to competent legal representation and the right to protection against unusual punishments, as well as the right to free trial. The main objective of the organization is to end torture in this century.
Justice Makers is an online platform created by the organizationto share information and best practice model in various criminal justice systems. Its members come from the global criminal defense community. Each year, the Justice Makers program organizes an innovation competition in the field of criminal justice, which awards and provides funding to the legal rights project around the world.

• Voted “Best Social Entrepreneur”- Boss Magazine 2010

BOSS is Australia’s leading magazine for top entrepreneursand commercial companies, as well as for those who wish to expand their ranks. Leadership, management and corporate culture are the main topics in BOSS. The content reflects the need for the best social entrepreneurs to keep abreast of the latest ideas inleadership and job development. The Boss magazine helps readers tosail across the complex landscape of the modern business world. The magazine was published in 2000 and is the publication of choice for executives in the Australian business community.
• Asia 21 Young Leaders Public Service Award 2009
The Asia 21 Action Lab is an initiative that was created to support organizations founded by Asia 21 Young Leaders, to boost the growth, create the impact of their work about Asia’s most important issues. As part of an initiative from the Asia Society, Every year they select and present the Asia 21 young leader public service award at the annual summit to recognize projects and organizations, which help the disadvantaged and deprived social and economic groups, communities and the people of Asia.
The Award consists US$10,000 along with the ongoingdynamic support of the current young leaders of Asia to the winning organization, as well as access to the global network of young leaders for program development and help to repeat the models of their successful projects. This additional in-kind support will help the award-winning organizations equip itself with the tools to expand to a higher level of service and to other regions around Asia.
Asoka Fellowship 2005
AshokaFellowshipis the global association of leading social entrepreneurs comprising of men and women who share the vision, creativity and determination of the entrepreneur, but who dedicate these qualities to the introduction of new solutions to business problems.Ashoka offers a lifetime scholarship program for individual social entrepreneurs.
The fellowship is an excellent platform to spread the work and impact of these people and help them grow and develop. In addition, it also offers the platform for the fellow entrepreneurs to jointly develop more inclusive social innovations. It is not a foundation or service provider for social entrepreneurs, but a network of entrepreneurs and a catalyst for change.

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