About Indira Ranamagar


Indira RanaMagar is a social worker and a chairperson of PA Nepal, a non-profit organization that looks after the children of criminal parents living in jails. She is a well-known name to the prison authorities of Nepal and has been working in the field of human right for the past 29 years. Organization has established 12 children home, two schools, 4 Daycares and several other social projects to help prisoners and their children. She was one of the three nominees of the 2014 World Children’s prize and was awarded the world children’s honorary award in October 2014 by Queen Silvia of Sweden. She is awarded with Asia 21 Leaders, Ashoka Fellow and the first women to get featured in BBC’s 100 Women List 2017 as an influential and inspirational women from around the world. Besides these, she has also featured in many international magazines and interviews. BBC news featured her as an inspiring women in the world.


Name Indira Rana Magar
Birth Name Dunkuri
Father’s Name Pratap Sing Ranamagar
Mother’s name Manamaya Ranamagar
Date of Birth 6th February 1970
Age 50 Years
Nationality Nepali
Children Subani Ranamagar
Popular name Aama
Birth place Jhapa
Birth sign Brisha
Height 5.3 Feets
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black

From Jhapa to Kathmandu: A journey that began 29 years back


The noble social worker was born in 1970 in a beautiful village of Jhapa District called Shanischare-6 Salbari. She was born into a poverty ridden lower class family of landless farmers and was the youngest child among the Six siblings. Two of her siblings died at a very young age. She was not allowed to go to the School because of her gender. She had to stay at home and had to do the household works. At that time, the society was not aware about providing education to both boys and girls. Only boys were allowed to get the education and girls were forced to stay back at home.


Her brothers were allowed to attend the school and she learnt the basic education from her brothers. Born into extreme poverty, she had a hard time arranging the study materials. So she started practicing letters by scratching the dirt with her fingers. Finally, she got her chance to attend school. She was a very bright student and always topped the class.Despite of not having proper school materials, not even a pencil, Indira excelled at school. She faced many difficulties in her childhood. It was her determination that kept her moving ahead in her life. She became a school teacher and began providing adult literacy classes for the women of her village. She always wanted to get out of her limited local life. So, she started feeling restless.

How she became a social worker?

During the time of political turmoil, she made a plan to go the capital city to devote her life to social work. She moved to Kathmandu and became a teacher in a small school, where she met the popular writer and human right activist “Parijaat”. At that time,Parijit was fighting for the rights of political prisoners.Parijaat started taking Indira to prisons in Nepal and started showing her work to Indira. It was through this work that Indira learned the ins and outs of the Nepali justice system and became interested in prisoners’ rights. Now she is leading the path of noble work crafted by her mentor”Parijaat”.
She started working with the famous human right activist, Parijaat and started building relationships with the prisoners. She started earning the trust of the prisoners. While working with Parijat, Indira got a chance to spot the human right issues in the prisons of Nepal, which made her to build a strong determination to solve those issues. Indira got familiar with the struggle faced by the political prisoners and their children through various social projects. So, she started taking a deep interest for the welfare of prisoners in Nepal.

In 2000, she founded her own nonprofit NGO in Nepal, Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal. Her journey since then has not been easy.She was determined to help prisoners in Nepal and support their children. Her main aim is to provide a safe children home, educate the children, make them independent and reunite with their families. She has collaborated with the Network for Children Prisoners and Dependents (NCPD), and established 12 children homes, two schools, 4 Daycares and various other social projects aimed at helping prisoners and their children. Indira works to provide safe, supportive lodging and education for children whose parents are imprisoned. Currently, PA Nepal runs 12 children homes, 2 schools and dozens of other sundry projects. The children, she has rescued are now grown up and are doing good in their fields.PA Nepal has been constantly working to help children live a normal life beyond prison cells and help prisoners rehabilitate in the society after serving their time in prison.

Interesting facts about Indira Ranamagar

» Indira Ranamagar is a permanent resident of Jhapa, Sanischare.
» She is also a mother of 15,000 children.
» She is inspired by the work of Parijaat in prison.
» Indira has completed her SLC from her birthplace Jhapa and has completed her Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Kathmandu.
» She has worked as a laborer in a textile mill during her struggling phase.
» Indira Rana Magar is the first Nepali to be featured in BBC 100 influential women in the world.
» Indira is a founder of a nonprofit organization, Prisoners Assistance Nepal.
» Despite of being successful, Indira has a very down to earth personality and always uses cycle to travel.

Awards and Nominations

She has won many awards for her selfless work. She was one of three finalist nominees for the 2014 World’s Children’s Prize,”, but she won the title ofWorld’s children’s Honorary Award, which was awarded the by Queen Silvia of Sweden. She has won many notable awards in her lifetime including young AsiaPublic service award and Ashoka Fellowship award.
She also has various national awards like awards like Lilaram Kunti devi Neupane Social Service Award 2014, NayeeKharaGaurab Award 2013, Excellent Social Worker Award 2013, Honored by Universal Peace Federation as Ambassador for Peace 2013, Navatalash Struggling Women Award 2012, Social Development Award 2012, Navadevi Shakti Award, National “SajhaAbhibhabakIn a recent interview, the social enterprenuer, Indira Rana Magar said that she does not want to be known by those prestigious awards, she want everyone to know her as a mother of 500 helpless children.

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